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Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s are getting more attention from the world’s top media outlets as the company tries to change the way we see the digital world.

While the two latest smartphones are not yet in the news as much as the iPad and the Apple Watch, they are becoming more and more influential to the media landscape.

Apple’s iOS 10 brings with it a slew of new features, including new notifications, more intuitive controls for navigation, and new visual styles for its new icons and apps.

It also has an updated camera app, which can take photos and videos without having to open the camera app.

Apple’s biggest news on Monday was the addition of its own app store, Apple News, which now also lets users purchase the news apps they want to use.

The app now has over 2 million apps, including news apps like CNN, CNN Money, CNBC, Fox Business, and many more.

The news app on Apple News is a big step forward in Apple News being an app that has been around for years, but the company still hasn’t made it fully functional for the iPhone 5.

According to reports, Apple has made some changes to the way it manages its news app and now offers more granular control over how apps are displayed.

Users can now tap on a story in the News app to get more detailed information on that story, such as its title, its link, the date it was published, and more.

This feature is now much more streamlined and easier to use than it used to be.

Apple News also has a section called Apple News Featured Stories, which is dedicated to stories that have been featured in Apple’s new app.

It currently has over 1,000 stories featured, including the latest news stories from Apple, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, ABC News, The New York Times, CNN, NBC News, Reuters, Fox News, and others.

There are also several other new apps and features that are coming in the next few months that make use of Apple News features.

Apple WatchOS 2, the new Apple Watch software, is getting a redesigned interface, allowing users to quickly access notifications on the watch and view information about a story on the app.

The watch also has several new watch face features, such a new Night Mode that is used to provide the most accurate and detailed night vision display.

Apple is also making changes to its apps to make it more user friendly.

Apple News now has a new look and feel, and Apple Music is getting better support for iOS 11.

It is also introducing a new feature called Watch Center, which allows users to manage their Apple Watch accounts and events on the iPhone.

One of the biggest changes that Apple has announced in the new iPhone 5, and that will impact users’ use of the device is a new, simplified way to add Apple News to your Apple News Feed.

Apple has said that Apple News on iPhone 5 will have a similar interface and look to Apple News that is on the iPad.

Users can also add a photo to an article that will then appear on the home screen and will be tagged with an icon for the photo.

Apple is also adding a new tab to the Apple News feed for people to read articles.

Apple has also added new features for the iOS 10 app store to allow users to edit and save content for their accounts and to access the news app.

Apple also has added a new section to the News feed called “App-specific Features” where you can now see all the new features coming in Apple iOS 10.

More than 100 new apps are coming to Apple Watch with the iOS 11 release, including several new apps from companies like Facebook and Twitter.

It has also been announced that the company is planning to add a new iOS 10 feature called “Apps on Tap,” which will allow users in the Apple Store to download the latest apps from their iPhone or iPad for free.

Other features include a redesigned user interface for Apple News in iOS 10, as well as new news and news app design and a new set of News app icons for the watch.

As always, the Apple ecosystem is going to be where Apple users are going to find the most value in their iPhone and iPad devices.

We will keep you updated as more news and apps from Apple come to the Watch and iOS devices.


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