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Christian wallpaper is the latest in a long line of biblical icons to have become popular.

According to the latest survey, a whopping 84% of Americans think the Bible is “fake”.

“The Bible is an amazing thing, I think,” said Christian wallpaper owner James Epps.

“It’s very good at bringing people together, and it’s a wonderful story of redemption and redemption through Christ.”

“But what I’ve always been really curious about is, how did people actually interpret the Bible?” he continued.

“Did people take it literally, or were they more literalist?”

Christian wallpaper has been around for decades, and has now grown to be one of the largest Christian wallpaper brands in the world.

It has a total of around 30,000 locations across the US and Canada, and is the fourth-largest Christian wallpaper company in the US.

Christian wallpaper is a lot of fun, Epps said, adding that it’s not all about the Bible.

“It’s also about what it means to be a Christian.

If you take a look at some of the things that the Bible says about marriage, divorce, death, homosexuality, and more, it’s all really interesting,” he said.

“I think it’s interesting to see how people interpret that.

It’s about how people relate to God.

And it’s also really important for the Christian community to look at those things, too.”

The survey also found that almost 60% of people think the “Bible is full of lies”, with another 16% saying it’s “full of lies” and “a great source of misinformation”.

And while it’s hard to argue with the popularity of Christian wallpaper, Epp said he’s not the only one who thinks the Bible could be fake.

“I think the bible is full and it will always be full of falsehoods,” he explained.

“But there’s something about it that is so good and so powerful, that it can really take people to new heights.

I think it really does have the power to bring people together.”

The results of the survey were released ahead of the release of a new documentary called Jesus Walks, which is based on a 2015 book by Christian wallpaper designer Christian O.E. Johnson, titled The Bible.

The film will be released on the same day that the Christian wallpaper industry’s annual convention in Indianapolis is held, which will be held from April 29 to May 1.

“The bible is an important part of our history, but it’s still a myth, a fiction,” Epps added.

“I believe in the Bible and I believe it has been written by the same hand that wrote it.

I just don’t think it has any relation to reality.”

People should think twice before taking it literally.

And if you can’t trust the Bible, then you shouldn’t believe it.


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