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Now Playing: Here’s how to make your own super-strong foam.

Now Playing : Here’s a great tool for keeping your phone charged up while you sleep.

Now Play: A new app is making it easier to track your sleep habits.

Now More: Apple just released a new iOS 8 update with a new design for the Sleep App, which lets you sleep in whatever way you want.

Here’s the best part: You can now customize it.

Apple has updated the Sleep app to include a new option that lets you customize the experience to suit your preferences.

The new sleep mode lets you set the bed as your bedtime, sleep position and sleep time.

And you can even change the sleep duration.

To use it, you’ll have to first tap the Sleep icon in the top right corner of the Sleep screen.

The screen then shows you a sleep profile.

You can also swipe down to the left and down to set a bedtime and sleep position.

And the Sleep profile shows a graph of your sleep.

In the Sleep Profile, you can tap the “Sleep” button to set the mode of your bed.

Tap the Sleep button again to go to the sleep profile page, which will show you the sleep settings.

Then you can select a bed, and you’ll get a sleep score.

Now you can adjust the sleep time, so it’s longer and shorter and even the bed can be moved around.

You’ll be able to set different bedtimes and sleep times, and the bed will stay where you want it, so you can sleep when you want and not worry about moving it around.

The Sleep Profile also has a sleep timer.

There’s a lot more to the Sleep Mode, but I’ll leave that for another post.

To make your bed the perfect bedtime for you, you need to have a comfortable pillow, a comfortable mattress, a good mattress pad, and a mattress protector.

And if you’re using an AirPods, you’re also going to want to have an air mattress, which is a good idea if you have sensitive ears or feet.


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