Car Wallpaper Hd

Now Playing: The most amazing things to happen on Halloween in 2018 So you want to create a scary or beautiful wallpaper for your desktop computer?

Here are my tips to help you get started.


Use a gradient background for your wallpaper This is my favorite technique to make your wallpaper look scary.

A gradient background is an image that blends into a background to create more of a background effect.

The gradient background can look scary on any device, but most popular desktop computers, like Windows 10, look fantastic when using a gradient.


Choose a dark color for your background The background color you choose should be dark, so it blends in with your wallpaper and will add a little extra life to your desktop.


Apply a gradient effect to your background Using a gradient or a watercolor effect is a great way to add a sense of texture to your wallpaper.

If you’re new to gradient effects, here’s a quick video tutorial to show you how to create one.


Apply an outline to your foreground This can be done on the bottom of the wallpaper or on the side of the screen.

If your background is too large, you can use a small outline to add some depth to your image.


Apply shadows to your backgrounds If you want a dark background to be in your wallpaper, try applying some shadows to the top and bottom of your image using a brush.


Choose an angle to use for your image There are two options to use an angle: one for an upright position and one for a horizontal position.

Choose the angle that best matches your image to your environment and your desktop settings.


Apply the gradient effect If you’d like your wallpaper to be a little bit less scary, you might want to try applying a gradient to your images.

You can find some great tutorials on creating gradient effects on the internet.


Use shadows to add dimension to your artwork This is an easy technique to add texture to an image.

A dark background can add a subtle, soft feel to your piece.

If that’s not your thing, here are some other creative options for adding extra dimension to a image.


Use shadow borders to add depth to an artwork It can be tricky to make a gradient border in the right size for your artwork, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

A simple, horizontal border is perfect for a portrait, and an angled border is great for a landscape image.

You might also like to use a border that’s a little larger than the image you want, like the ones you saw in the previous article.


Use gradient shading to add contrast to your design Apply a soft, warm, or dark gradient shading effect to an entire image and create a cool, dark image that looks like your artwork.


Use subtle shadows to create contrast to an existing image A good technique to use is to use subtle shadows over an existing piece of artwork to create an effect similar to what you saw earlier in the tutorial.


Use gradients to create textured images A great technique for creating textured artwork is using gradient shading on your artwork to add the feel of texture and depth to it. 13.

Add a gradient gradient to a wallpaper with Photoshop If you don’t have access to Photoshop, here is a fantastic tutorial on how to add gradient gradients and other cool effects to your work.


Use Photoshop’s gradient tool to create effects in a vector format A great tip to add more dimension to an original image is to apply a gradient gradient to your original image and use it to create your own effects.


Apply gradients on images to add details to your artworks Try this cool technique to apply gradients over an image and add some details to it like shading, or a shadow border.


Apply gradient effects to textured backgrounds and textured graphics Apply gradient grads on an image to create textures, or even add details using a shadow or watercolor to the image.


Use simple gradient shadow effects on images and text to create unique, creative artwork Find the perfect effect to use in your artwork and add it to your own artworks.


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