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If you’re looking for a wall to make yourself look more badass, try this: Start by taking a selfie with your favorite ghoul character and then using a piece of paper to make an anime wallpaper with it.

The result will look pretty good and will have you smiling for hours.

Here are the six best anime wallpaper themes to make your home a little more special.1.

The Great and Powerful Ghoul by Tetsuro MatsuokaThe ghoul looks more badass than ever and it looks just as badass when it’s not.

This wall is sure to be a favorite for anyone who likes to have a little bit of ghoul in their home.2.

Ghost Girl’s Ghost Wallpaper by Mikoto OtsukaThe ghost girl looks pretty badass when she’s not looking for revenge or getting her revenge on those who took away her childhood.

This is a perfect anime wallpaper to have around your home when you’re feeling a little less badass.3.

Shirogane: The Complete First Season by Nana MizukiIf you like action and are looking for some extra fun to do while you watch the first season of Shirogon, you can check out this wall.

If you want a different take on your favorite characters, you might want to add a little girly flair to this wall and see what you can come up with.4.

The Devil’s Eyes Wallpaper: A Nightmarish Dream by Hirokazu TanakaThis is an absolutely fantastic wall that shows off how the characters from the manga are just as terrifying as they are in the anime.

The wall is a dream-like wall that’s perfect for keeping you entertained all night.5.

The Lost Boys’ New Year’s Day Wallpaperby Keisuke NakamuraYou’ve probably noticed that every time there is a new year on the calendar, we get to see a different set of characters and backgrounds.

This particular wall looks just like the anime, but the wall is filled with anime characters that are just like their anime counterparts.

This looks great and will look fantastic at night!6.

The Three Kingdoms’ First Night WallpaperBy Yuuki ImamuraThis is one of the coolest anime wallpaper ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

You’ll be happy to know that this wall is an homage to the manga.

You can use this wall to decorate your home to look like an anime-themed dream house.

It will look just as cool when it isn’t too dark.


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