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Kakashi, the American teenager whose bullying inspired the 2014 video game Naruto, has become the target of an international backlash after a video of him being verbally abused by two teenage Japanese-American boys sparked a social media storm.

A new book by Japanese-Canadian author Yumi Ogawa says Kakashi was “shocked” by the incident.

It was one of the first of its kind in Japan, which banned the bullying of foreign children in 2012, and prompted an international campaign against it.

“I think Kakashi is a good guy, but he is a very sensitive person and he doesn’t know how to deal with that,” Ogawa told Al Jazeera.

Ogawa said she wrote a book with a theme of forgiveness for Kakashi.

“He is a young boy who has been bullied by two Japanese-born children, but the abuse and the bullying did not make him feel good,” she said.

Ogowa’s book, titled “The New American: Kakashi”, is set to be released in the US on January 11.

Ogada’s book will be published in the UK, the US and Australia on January 12.

“In Japan, bullying is not considered a form of abuse.

It is a matter of ‘I got this for free, so I will pay it back’,” Ogawa, who lives in Tokyo, said.

“So in the book, Kakashi doesn’t want to pay for the bullying, so he chooses to forgive them.”‘

I just feel sorry for them’ Ogawa added that Kakashi’s experience with the Japanese-Asian community was a warning sign for all people in Japan.

“We are very, very close-knit in Japan,” she told Al-Jazeera.

“Kakashi’s parents were really, really supportive.

Kakashi did not feel the need to apologise, he didn’t feel guilty, he just felt sorry for his family and friends and for the people who have been affected by the bullying.”

A group of Kakashi supporters outside the Tokyo home of his father, Koichi Kakashi Source: Al Jazeera source The book was published in Japanese and English on January 14 and it has received worldwide attention.

Ogawas book, which follows the lives of Kakuta and the other characters from Naruto, is the first book written about the case of Kakutan and the story of how he came to become the leader of Team Seven.

The book is the work of three Japanese-Australian authors: Yumi Yoshimura, who is an award-winning journalist and the author of the popular series, “Japan’s Worst Neighbour”, and Tomoaki Sakamoto, a Japanese-Chinese-Australian author.

Yoshimura and Sakamoto have published their own books about the book.

Yoshimura, a novelist, is an associate professor at the University of Melbourne.

Sakamoto is a journalist and broadcaster.

Sakamura and Ogawa are both Japanese-Canadians.

“A lot of Japanese people think of themselves as ‘nice people’, and when you hear of bullying and the Japanese people being bullied, you don’t think of it as something that could affect them,” Yoshimura told AlJazeera in an interview.

“But I think Kakuta, in his situation, he felt like it would be good to put some distance between himself and his family.”

Ogawa and Sakamura said that Kakuta’s experiences with his father Koichi were also a warning for the Japanese community.

“The only thing that we can do is to try to make him as accepting of the fact that he has to make choices and act in the way he does and make him understand that this is not something that he should be able to be proud of,” Ogawa said.

The bullying was “unprecedented in Japan” in terms of its scope, Ogawa explained.

“It was not just Kakuta.

He also had friends who were bullied and it was happening to a lot of other kids.

It had a huge impact on Kakuta,” she added.

“That’s why he did not really feel ashamed.

It’s just an act’. “

People said, ‘It’s not bullying.

It’s just an act’.

And that’s really what the bullying is.

The people that bullied Kakuta were the bullies themselves, and the bullies said, you are so nice, but you are acting like a bully.”

“But we were not able to see it, not from Kakuta but from the other people that were bullied.”

The bullying Ogawa’s book describes is a case of bullying which has a “tragic, tragic history” in Japan that dates back to the 1930s.

It began when Kakuta was 11 and a young Japanese-Korean boy named Tsubaki had been bullying him for months. Ogami said


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