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The word “s” can be used interchangeably with the word “P” in many contexts, but it has historically been associated with racist imagery.

Now, that’s changing, with a new generation of kids saying they use it as an insult.

The word “p” is also the word for “white,” but it is not.

In recent years, it has become more prevalent in the media and online, often with the intent to make people feel inferior or worse than they actually are.

It has even become part of the vernacular.

In the wake of the death of rapper Lil Yachty, who was killed by police while allegedly holding up a sign that said “Pray for Yach,” some white people are calling for the removal of the word from the  language.

The controversy comes in response to a viral video, titled “I’m Not Afraid of You,” that was released by a young boy who says he was raised to be a racist.

The video shows a group of children sitting together with their faces hidden by a mask in the middle of a playground.

The kids are laughing as the narrator jokes that they’re not racist.

As the video plays, the boy is seen saying, “I don’t have to use the word ‘s,'” and “I want you to understand that this is how I feel about you.

This is how you feel about us, you and me.”

The boys face disappears in the video, and then it fades away.

The narrator says he is not a racist and that he only used the word as a joke, but the video quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views.

In a statement, the YouTube account of the boy, Jordan Pugh, said the video was a satirical response to the “s**t storm” of racial and religious rhetoric.

“I have not made a secret of the fact that I’m not going to use that word anymore, I’m just going to make a joke about it,” Pugh said.

“I mean, I do love you.

You’re beautiful.

I love you so much.

I want you, I want to know how I can make you happy.

But I am not going after you.

I am going after the people that use the n-word.

And I’m going after people who use the racist word.”

The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

The “P-word” has also been used as an excuse for racism.

In 2014, a woman in Virginia named Michelle Williams posted a photo of herself with the caption, “Proud to be white.”

She was referring to a derogatory term that some white men used to describe black people.

In an interview with NPR in March, Williams said she wanted to share her experience of being raised by a white family and to encourage other people to speak out against racism.

“It is really important that people of color, especially black people, understand that if you don’t stand up for yourself, then you are complicit in it, because we are going to continue to suffer,” Williams said.

Williams and her father, who are both white, have both said that she is simply being sarcastic.

Williams says her father is “not a racist” but does not use the term “racist.”


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