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In a few days, we’ll be getting our hands on the TikTok 3.2.

We’ll be able to see how it performs, how well it can run on the latest version of Android and the performance of the software itself.

We have some initial benchmarks that are showing it’s capable of handling a lot of stuff we’ve tried to do with the original TikTok app.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get more out of it, because we’ve got a lot more to look forward to.

TikTok 3 and Google MapsNow, the Google Maps app has been updated to version 4.3.1, which is a major update and brings new features like auto-correct, geocoding, and more.

The latest version also includes support for the new Pixel and Pixel XL devices.

The update also brings new Google Now cards that can be used to add reminders to your home screen and send your calendar, to-do lists, and notes.

There are also a couple of new features added to Google Maps for TikTok.

First off, the app now includes support to import photos from Flickr, as well as import photos directly from Google Photos.

This means you can get photos from the internet, or even import a photo from the cloud to get an immediate, easy-to-read, high-resolution version of your photos.

The Google Photos import function is also now supported, and you can now search for photos in Google Photos for the first time.

Another new feature introduced in the latest Google Maps is the ability to search for locations and search directions in Google Maps.

You can do this from the main screen of the app, or from the Google Search box on the home screen.

You’ll need to tap on the search box in the bottom left corner to bring up a new search option.

This new Google Maps feature is very handy for getting directions from a location to your house.

In this way, you can be sure that Google Maps will be able find your exact location and that it will be easy to navigate there.

We’re very excited to see this feature integrated into TikTok, as we think it’s a great addition to the app.

Tigler is also working on an update for the Google app.

This update includes a lot in the form of new Google+ integration, and it also includes the ability for you to see all of the recently added posts from the app in the Google+ feed.

This is a really cool feature, and I think it could be a big help in finding your favorite TikTok posts.

We have a couple more updates to share with you in the next few days.

We’ve got new TikTok 2.0 and TikTok 4.0 versions coming in the coming weeks, which are all going to be much more powerful than TikTok 1.0.

We hope that you enjoy using TikTok and the new Google apps for the foreseeable future.


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