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By KEVIN MCDONALDThe latest “X-Files” episode is all about an alien that’s trying to take over the world.

It’s also about a young man named Charlie, who’s not very much like any of the other X-Men characters.

He’s a tomboy and a loner who’s also a scientist.

He’s the kind of kid who goes to a bunch of parties, gets drunk, and then runs away.

I’m not sure I get it.

I don`t understand how the X-men can do that.

Charlie and the rest of the X are trying to get their hands on the key to the “X” gene.

But that gene is being suppressed.

And that means there`s no one left who can get the gene to work, which means the X will be the only people on the planet.

It doesn`t make sense, doesn`tray, but it`s one of the things that makes the X franchise such a hit.

It has a huge cult following and has been on every single episode of “The X-Files,” and I can`t get into the whole “X”-movie thing because it`ll make it seem like I`ve been spoiled.

But I do think it`d be great if it was possible to get a movie like this.

There would be so much excitement about this, because we already have so many X-wars.

The first X-film was the “The Killing Fields,” and “The Mutant Massacre” was one of my favorite episodes of “X Files,” which was one where you had a kid in high school and he was just playing with his friends and stuff.

There are plenty of X-stories that I would love to see.

I want to see how people could live in New York City, how people would live in the suburbs, how they would live on the edge of civilization.

I would be really excited to see this.


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