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Android devices typically come in three different wallpapers.

You can choose from four different versions of the stock iPhone wallpaper, which includes the default iPhone wallpaper and two other versions: one that is a slightly darker version of the default wallpaper and one that includes the latest iPhone wallpaper.

The stock wallpaper is a solid color and you can adjust it in a few ways.

First, you can use the stock wallpaper as the wallpaper on the lock screen.

Second, you have the option to change the stock Wallpaper for the lockscreen.

Third, you may choose to use the default Android wallpaper for your lockscreen instead.

The last option is the most versatile, as it allows you to change your wallpaper when you reboot your phone.

To get the best iPhone wallpaper on your iPhone, you will want to select the stock iOS wallpaper, and then select the Android version of your phone (the stock Android wallpaper should be the one you installed on your phone when you bought it).

Then you’ll want to choose the lockscape.

In addition to changing the stock version of wallpapers that are available on your device, you also have to choose which version of lock screen widgets to use.

You will see different lockscreen widgets for different versions, and you’ll also see different Android versions of lockscreen themes available.

You’ll also want to pick the lock icon for each version of lockscape, as well as choose a theme for each unlock screen.

There are several things you’ll need to do to get a cool wallpapers for your phone: Open the Settings app, tap Lock screen, and scroll down to the Wallpaper section.

Tap the Wallpapers tab, and tap the stock icon that is shown in the bottom-left corner.

Tap Next.

Next, select the option that says Choose a wallpaper.

Now tap Next again.

Select the Stock Wallpaper.

Tap Finish.

Once your stock iOS and Android versions are ready, click Finish.

Tap Open.

Tap Lock screen.

Tap Wallpaper icon.

Tap Choose a Wallpaper, then choose the Stock Android wallpaper.

Tap Continue.

You should now see a new app icon next to the Stock Lock screen Wallpaper app icon.

Once you have your Wallpaper selected, tap Next.

Tap Android version.

Tap Select a wallpaper, then tap Next twice.

Tap Build.

Tap Check the checkbox next to Android version to ensure the Build number is selected.

Once the build number is checked, tap OK.

Tap Install.

When your new Stock Android and Stock iOS Wallpapers are installed, you’ll be prompted to confirm that they work.

When you tap Done, you should see a message saying that you are now able to use a stock Android Wallpaper on your Lock screen (the icon will change from the stock Android version) and that the Lock screen will use the Stock iPhone wallpaper in lock mode.

You may also see a notification when you close the lock-screen app that your stock Wallpapers will be added to the lock screens gallery.

When done, tap Finish.

To remove the Stock iOS version, you must uninstall the Stock apps from your phone, and uninstall the stock apps from the lock apps list in the Settings.

For more information about how to uninstall and reinstall the stock Lock screen wallpapers and themes, see How to remove and reinstate stock Android and iOS Lock screen wallpaper and themes on your Android and iPhone.

To uninstall stock iOS lockscreen wallpaper, go to Settings > Security > Privacy.

From there, tap Remove.

To reinstall stock iOS Lock screens wallpapers on your iPhones, go back to Settings> Security > Lock screen and lock screen themes, and select Restore from scratch.

Once done, your iPhone Lock screen is ready to use again.

You don’t need to reboot the phone when installing these updates to make sure that the wallpapers work on your devices.


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