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A new survey found that most Americans do not want their homes decorated with the familiar, bland, and boring wallpaper design seen on most homes in the U.S.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center found that Americans generally prefer to live in homes with a variety of different designs, including the classic white-and-blue of an American flag, the colorful shapes of a building, or a bold green.

The survey found more than half of Americans (56%) say they have no preference for any of the existing wallpaper designs, while more than a third (36%) say the designs they do like are more traditional and “traditional” but are less “traditional.”

The survey also found that only a minority of Americans are satisfied with the designs chosen by the homes they own.

Only 35% of Americans say they like their home’s wallpaper design the way it was designed when they bought it, while 35% say they dislike the current design.

The rest of the respondents said they are satisfied and are open to changing the designs.

Survey respondents are more likely than those who do not own a home to say they are open for changing designs, and are more open to the idea of buying a new one.

More than half (56% of respondents) of respondents say they prefer to own their home with a different wallpaper design from that chosen by their parents or siblings.

The other half (46%) say their home should be the same as when they purchased it.

When asked what the most important reason they would give for choosing the wallpaper they like, most respondents cited aesthetic preference (38%), comfort with their home (29%), and the overall home design (23%).

Another 28% of people cited the “cost” of owning a home and another 21% cited the desire to decorate their home.

“We found that nearly two-thirds of Americans, and most people who do own a house, prefer to keep their homes simple, clean, and well-designed,” said Jennifer Hett, director of Pew Research.

“They say they’d rather keep a traditional home design or an updated version, even if they have to choose a wallpaper.

People want simple and clean, but they also want to feel that their home has the quality that they expect from it.

This is one of the reasons people are open and willing to try new designs and styles.”

Hett said Americans are also much more likely to prefer the look of a design with fewer colors, patterns, and shapes.

The survey asked Americans if they prefer a wall of white or red, blue, green, or orange to a wall with more than one color, shape, or pattern.

Surveys also found a strong preference for the simple, minimalist design of a home, which is what Americans prefer in the home of their parents, grandparents, and other family members.

A majority (53%) of respondents said that a home should not include a lot of ornamentation or details.

More people also said that they would prefer a home that did not have a big, ornate, decorative or elaborate design than one with more.

A majority of Americans said they would like to see a house that looked more like the home they grew up in, but the majority of respondents did not want to see any of these elements in their home when they buy a home.

Only a third of Americans would like their homes to have more than 10 different wallpaper designs.

A third of respondents (33%) said they had heard of the term “wallpapers” before.

About one in five (18%) did not know the term, and nearly half of those who did not knew the term did not see the term as an appropriate name for the designs used in the survey.

About two-in-three (60%) Americans said that the names of the designs in the Pew survey were “familiar” or similar to other designs.

More than a quarter (26%) of those surveyed said that “Wallpapers” was the name they thought the designs were used for, and another 22% said the design names were a generic name for a particular design.

Nearly half (47%) of Americans surveyed did not use a phone for a home-based survey.

Pew conducted a survey of 6,000 adults in July.


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