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Paul Bauer has been an online music industry pioneer for years, having co-founded the legendary indie label, Mad Decent, and has a history of bringing in huge names in the music industry.

He recently signed up with Spotify, and the video above is the first promotional spot for the service.

If you’re a fan of Paul Bauer, you’ll want to check out this video, and you can see more of his music on his Spotify page. 

This new video is a little different from his other videos, though.

In it, Paul takes the stage and shows off the functionality of the app, which he says is “completely redesigned” in order to make it easier to subscribe.

In the video, Paul explains that you can set your own playlist, and that you’ll get a notification whenever you buy something from the service, as well as a link to a Spotify playlists page, where you can check out a bunch of music you’ve downloaded.

The playlist will be automatically saved to your Google Drive, so if you want to keep it around, you just have to drag the playlist to your drive and drag it into the app.

Paul also showed off the new features that will come to the service in the next couple of months, such as the ability to add artists, songs, and albums to a playlists.

This will allow you to create playlists with artists you love, and also with people you don’t, so you can listen to music that’s your favorite, or that you’ve never heard of.

You can also add songs to your music collection, and add artists that are missing from the list of songs you’ve previously added.

You also have the ability for users to track and delete tracks, which will let you easily switch between different playlists in the future.

The video also showed us the new way you can watch videos, which allows you to tap on the play button and choose a video from the playlist.

Once you choose a new video to watch, you can choose whether you want it to be a static video, or a moving video.

This can be handy when you’re trying to catch a movie on the big screen, or to see what’s happening in your home theater.

The video also shows off a bunch more features coming in the coming months, including a dedicated playlist for your photos, and a feature called “play,” which lets you watch your favorite movies from your collection on a single device.

It will be interesting to see if these features stick, as they’re pretty basic, and if there are any special features you can expect.

We’ll be sure to bring you more info as the Google Play music service launches in the months to come.


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